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With their extensive coverage, DHL operate one of the most comprehensive global courier networks. With a fleet of more than 250 aircraft worldwide, they are one of the largest courier companies in the world.

The big bright yellow freight truck you see on the road is more than likely a DHL vehicle, with more than 340,000 employees worldwide and a fleet of 89,000 vehicles, we can be assured that we can meet your parcel delivery needs, no matter how far the drivers need to go.

In Australia, DHL average about 730 commercial flights, send approximately 64,250 letters per week and handle more than 172,000 parcels per day so we're confident that your parcel deliveries will arrive on time. DHL continue to develop their service in Australia by opening a 2000 square meter facility in Perth in 2005 and consolidating three Sydney service centres into one super centre located in Homebush in 2011.

This also allows for minimisation in costs and in turn provides you with great courier rates.

With their ability to utilise over 500 Airports across the globe, DHL can organise your deliveries to arrive to the destination with the best routes possible to deliver a quick and reliable courier delivery service and provide outstanding customer satisfaction.

Winning awards such as the Stevie Awards for Sales process optimisation and also honoured at the ninth annual Stevie Awards for Sales & customer services in 2015.

With this all in mind, if you require a cost effective and quick service, why not place a booking online and arrange for that bright yellow truck to collect your parcels. This service is available by booking the Interparcel Express service.

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