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Interparcel for eBay sellers gives you the control to sell anything to over 200 countries around the world
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Advanced Shipping Manager

Wherever you take orders, our Advanced Shipping Manager will help you process and despatch with ease.

Import orders from multiple ecommerce platforms and marketplaces. Manage them in one place, Easily fix address errors, change the service, and add optional extras such as transit cover.

  • Import orders from eBay with ease
  • Built in address validation and correction
  • Despatch and fulfill in a couple of clicks
  • Combine multiple parcels with Smart Boxing
Shipping Manager

The Advanced Shipping Manager is available for free to all our customers.


Start shipping with Interparcel

Choose your platform

1. Choose your ecommerce platform

eBay is just one of many ecommerce platforms and Marketplaces that you can connect to. Whatever platform you use, your shipping is in good hands.

Install the Live Quote plugin

2. Connect to your store

Enter your eBay User ID and connect.

Import & fulfill orders

3. Import and fulfill your orders

Once you connect, your orders will be imported into our Shipping Manager. Then choose your service and process.

Customise the experience

You manage all aspects of your eBay store, and you need full control over your customers' delivery experience too.

  • Choose which services to offer
  • Auto select shipping service
  • Auto select shipping date
  • Offer standard and express shipping
  • Make global shipping a breeze
Custom eBay Settings
Smart Boxing for eBay

Smart Boxing

Save valuable costs on your parcel deliveries. If you're sending multiple parcels it's easy to lose sight of just how much you're spending on shipping.

Smart Boxing can reduce your costs by helping you pack multi item orders efficiently.

You define your box sizes and our algorithm will combine products into as few boxes as possible.

"I have used Interparcel for business for over 4 years now.
The team is great and I know I am always going to reach someone locally, which is lovely as more companies outsource overseas"

Leone, Aduro Australia

Interparcel helps eBay deliver

Interparcel helps eBay sellers deliver orders, both domestically and worldwide. When you connect Interparcel with eBay you will be able to:

  • Access a wide variety of top couriers
  • Import orders from eBay with one click
  • Fulfill orders in record time
  • Combine parcels and save with Smart Boxing

eBay FAQ

What does the Interparcel eBay integration do?

Connecting your eBay store to the Interparcel Shipping Manager will allow you to import your orders with ease for rapid despatch. Additionally, you will have a choice of a wide variety of couriers to despatch orders and expand globally with.

How does it fulfil my orders?

Your orders are imported from your eBay store to the Interparcel Shipping Manager. Within seconds you can validate, process and print your shipping labels. Once this is done, your orders are marked as fulfilled in eBay, and their tracking details updated.

Can I customise my shipping options with Interparcel?

Yes. As a business owner you are able to select certain couriers to offer to your customers. You can alter their display names to highlight "Standard" or "Express" delivery if you so choose.

What countries can I ship to?

Not only does Interparcel allows you to expand globally to over 250 countries and territories, you also gain access to affordable courier rates usually reserved for the big guys. You even have the choice of offering cost effective mail options like DHL Ecommerce or Express service like UPS, FedEx, TNT and DHL.

How does the Interparcel eBay integration reduce my shipping costs?

When you choose to ship with Interparcel, you get access to our exclusive courier deals. Additionally, we regularly create tailored pricing deals for customers that ship a high volume of goods.

How much does it cost?

The Interparcel Shipping Manager is free for everyone. We don't believe in charging subscription or usage fees.

Still have questions?

With big names like UPS and TNT, you won't go wrong leaving your parcels in our care.
If you sell on eBay, you'll find we have the service, experience and pricing to help your business grow.


Major ecommerce platform support

eBay is just one of many shopping platforms that Interparcel support.
We have more platforms coming online all the time, and an API for bespoke websites.